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AL-TINEZ Pharma Ltd, although now seen as a subsidiary of the AL-Tinez group is still regarded as the mother of the other subsidiaries.

Incorporated in 1999, AL-Tinez Pharma ltd has many registered products. It grew up to the point that number of registered products in her stable became too many leading directly or indirectly to birth of the other subsidiaries.

Some of her popular brands

Some of her popular brands include Kotase tablets(Bromelin + Trypsin) Endix-G cream, Safi blood purifier, Cofan tablets and suspension(Arthemeter + Lumefantrine) AL-TINEZ Pentazoline injection, Secgyl tablets(), Propaderel tablets(), Nattoenzym tablets(Nattokinese).


The current challenges facing Government and healthcare providers demand that they should seek greater value, cost effectiveness,

and work in partnership with reputable pharmaceutical companies in making affordable drugs available to the increasing number of people suffering from different disease conditions.

Our experience and reputation

our commitment to quality services, AL-TINEZ Pharma Limited is well positioned to work in partnership with your government/organization,

to ensure successful implementation of your healthcare delivery programmes.

Our Advantage

It is our sincere belief that in line with your tradition of quality healthcare delivery, you will give us a trial by engaging us in further discussions and negotiation of supply terms for the range of pharmaceutical and allied products required in your healthcare delivery so that your citizenry/patients can benefit from our valuable products and services.

  • Anti- malaria
  • Anti- Inflammatory
  • Anti- helminthis
  • Anti- diabetic
  • Anti- arthritis
  • Anti- glaucoma
  • Anti- infective
  • Anti- histamine
  • Anti- inflammatory
  • Anti- biotics
  • Aloe Vera drink
  • Xylitol chewing gum
  • Diabetamil
  • Ayusri cough tea
  • Ayusri slim tea


Echocardiography $250
Implantable Cardiac Monitor $230
Treadmill stress testing $575
Transoesophageal echocardiogram $320
Pacemaker checks $250
Electrophysiology $165
Holter monitoring $165


Endoscopy $250
X-radiation $230
Cardiac CT scan $575
Blood Testing $320
Allergy Testing $250
Electrophysiology $165
Skin Testing $165

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